Is that an 8-Pin?

I am currently rocking a Corsair GS700 and I am getting ready to upgrade my XFX 6870 to a Gigabyte 7970. I noticed that the new card is rocking a 6-Pin and an 8-pin slot. When I checked the ones plugged into my current card I saw that they are both 6-pin's but they both have two black cables that come out of them which are connected to an additional 2-pin piece. Does this mean that I can just press it up against the 6-pin and effectively turn it into an 8-pin?

Reference link:

You can see what I am talking about in one of the images provided with that link.
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  1. Yes, yes you can. Do you know how to do so, or would you like help with working that out?
  2. It shouldn't be to hard to figure out. I am assuming there is only one way that it can go.
  3. There's 6 pin with an extra 2 pin that you can combine for an total of 8 pin, you can easily tell by the wire, the extra 2 pin is coming from the same 6 pin cable...
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