Good Graphics Card under $200?

So I'm going to build my PC soon but can not decide on a graphics card. I'm getting my PC primarily for gaming and didn't want to pay more than $200 for a card. The CPU and Motherboard I'm going to get are an Intel Core i5 2500K and ASUS P8Z68-V LX Intel Z68 Motherboard. The one I've mainly been looking at is either the Radeon 6870 or 6950. I know the 6950 is obviously better but will the difference be so noticeable that its worth spending the extra money? My hope would be able to play games on Max settings and the games I like to play are games like Skyrim, Minecraft, Just Cause 2, etc. So if you can please help a first time PC builder and help me decide what video card to go with. Thanks for your time.
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  1. This is probably the card you can get for ~ $200.
  2. Ok thanks. Thats probably what I was going to go with anyways I just wanted some reassurance.
  3. xTactical Llama said:
    Ok thanks. Thats probably what I was going to go with anyways I just wanted some reassurance.

    Get a Gtx 480 for $219 its better than a radon 6950 and slightly better than the 6970 for $19 more!!
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    This should help you decide which card you want to get so here are the bench marks for the cards from above. Good luck to you. One thing you should know the new drivers are making the AMD cards work a lot better then what this shows.

    If you spend over your budget for $238.99 you could get a 7850 which is the best card of all of them. So when you put the 6970 up to it they are so close neck and neck. But since your budget is set.

    Then the first card the 6950 is a good choice. I just thought you should a full look at what is out there the 480 is by it's self just compair it with looking at both and good luck to you.


    480 vs 6950

    480 vs 6970

    7850 vs 6970

    7850 vs 6950

  5. You should spend that extra and get a 7850, it runs cooler and more efficient, and there is better future proofing as it is new technology which can be overclocked to ridiculous speeds.

    AMD is cutting the prices on this, so with rebates and free games, you can get close to your $200 budget and get something that will last you longer before you need to upgrade.
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