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For Christmas this year, I was thinking about getting this laptop:
It's got an Nvidia GT 630m in it, and I was wondering if I would be able to run Amnesia: The Dark Descent at 30 fps on medium settings while recording with fraps. I saw a video running Battlefield 3 on medium while recording at about 30 fps with this card, so I think I should be able to.
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  1. You should be able to but recording with fraps really takes a toll on your hard disk. Might want record the save into a external drive or even a flash drive.
  2. It's way too soon to be deciding what you want for the holiday season, it's still 3+ months away! I suggest waiting till black friday/cyber monday and find a good deal then. I highly doubt that card would run BF3 @ Medium, my GT 640M w/ 1GB & GDDR5 can't even do that, let alone while recording.

    If you absolutely need to game on a laptop, i suggest the lenovo y580, there have been some killer back to school deals on this laptop and some of the higher end configs include a GTX 660M 1GB or 2GB 650M, both would be much better than what you have selected, and for not much more. (i believe the i7-3610QM - GTX660M, 8GB, 1080p screen was under 950 a few weeks ago).

    Then again, you never know what will be coming up. lots of new notebooks this year and there are still more to come.

    long story short: wait for black friday/cyber monday before looking into it anymore, this laptop would could be 599 then and something better may be in your budget.
  3. Can you give me a link to the Lenovo with that setup? Also this isn't my final decision. I'm still looking around, and I know Christmas is a long way away. Also here is the video I watched with this card being used for Battlefield 3:
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