Sony KLV-S32A10 Display Troubleshoot

I'm trying to hook-up my laptop to my TV (Specs here however, in whichever way I set up the display, it doesn't look correct. My computer recommends 1920x1080 ( however the site for my TV specifies 1366x768 ( As you can see for both, it is cut off on all sides. However, the second is much better fitting. Any advice?
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  1. Maybe just adjust the picture size on your tv? I had to do it with mine, didnt fit exactly at first.
  2. And keep the resolution on your OS at 1366x768
  3. I figured it out. For future reference for anyone. I set it as 1366x768, then I set it to "center display", and finally from my TV settings I pressed "Wide" on my remote and set it to "zoom." Note: You'll have to go into advanced settings for the "center display" option.
  4. Glad you got it sorted!
  5. Good work! :) It's the same on my tv... have to set it to wide.
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