GTX 590 Temps/Problems

I Have a GTX 590 and have lately been getting graphics flicker in some games like battlefield 3 - I read elsewhere on these forums that it may be due to High Temps.

CPUID HW Monitor says

52,48,92 (Curr/Min/Max) (C) GPU 1
53,47,88 GPU2

This seems high? (I ran 3d Mark to stress it)

For GPU 1 it has a reading FANPWMIN0 - 0%

For GPU 2 it has a reading FANPWMIN) - 0% AND FANIN0 - 1650/1590/3000 RPM Curr/Min/Max

I took off the case cover - the built in fan is going.

What is FANPWMIN0?

Is it too hot? It's the summer here now so the room is a bit hotter.

Thanks for your help
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  1. Use a program like MSI Afterburner to control the fan speed and monitor the temperatures while gaming. MSi Afterburner can put an overlay in game and show you your temperatures.
  2. Thats quite high on your load temps, but it is a 590 so its to be expected if your ambient temps are high.

    Whats your case cooling like?
  3. I have a stock Lian Li Tower with 3 big Intake fans on the front and one big one on the back (i cant be more specific :) ) - they came with the case - it has a fan speed controller ont eh front and I have it all the way up.

    Thank you for the MSI afterburner comment - will try it.

    I use to play BF3 no problem at all now it's giving me these issues - any ideas on why I'd get flicker? I have the latest drivers from Nvidia - 3dMark sasy they weren't certified?
  4. Should be moving enough air, the temps are borderline, shouldnt really be causing damage but could be causing the flickering.

    Is it like this?

    Or like this?
  5. It is definitely the second video.

    I just checked Nvidia and downloaded the latest drivers -theres been a new release.

    This timne i got a whitescreen and a CTD. Ill try it again now
  6. Yea the second one seems like more of a driver issue, If it was more like the top one I would have said faulty card.

    Seems to be happening to a few people with 590's.

    As for the temps keep a close eye on them, were they lower while you were playing BF3 before?
  7. i never really had a problem so never checked out the temps.

    It works now so may have been driver - thanks a million
  8. No worries, glad you got it sorted!
  9. Glad it works!
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