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Hey guys,
I already have a computer that I built 2 years ago. My motherboard died recently so I want to replace it.
I have a corsair 800D Case, 970 CPU, ASUS Rampage III Extreme, Enermax 1000W PSU, GTX 580 GPU, 2x1TB HDD's, 3X4GB DDR3 RAM, etc...
I was looking at new motherboards and I really like the Sabertooth but should I buy the 1155 (Z77) or 2011 (X79)?
I will keep the GPU, PSU, Case and RAM.
I'll buy motherboard, CPU, CPU cooler, Intel 520 SSD and Optical Drive.
If I buy 1155 motherboard with 1155 CPU it'll cost me $350 less than buying 2011 CPU and motherboard.
So the question is should I get:
ASUS Sabertooth X79 Motherboard with Intel Core i7 3930K
ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard with Intel Core i7 3770K
The difference in price is about $350
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  1. The question is would you rather have 350$. Most people wouldn't even use the 3770k to its full potential. If you run crazily CPU intensive tasks or need 64GB of RAM or have 680 Quad SLI then X79 would be worthwhile, but for gaming the i7-3770k is more then enough.
  2. So I should just get 1155 mobo and CPU?
    What's the difference between 1155 and 2011?
  3. 2011 is more for highly threaded task that require lots of ram, such as rendering, photoshop, and video editing. It supports Intels 6 core processors and can have lots of ram (more then 32MB). The 1155 is more for mainstream and gaming. If you are just gaming then you wont utilize the full benefits of the 2011 and would only see a slight performance boost, certainly not worth $350 to me.
  4. In a nutshell:
    Socket 1155 is aimed at the mainstream crowd. For everyday tasks, gaming, editing, etc., it will should meet the majority of the buyers' needs.

    Socket 2011 is aimed at the high-performance market where multiple threads and CPU horsepower really matter, such as servers (not too sure about this, probably at the lower spectrum if true) and workstations. It'll do everything Socket 1155 CPUs do (maybe even better), and more. Xeons also work in these situations (servers and workstations).

    Why not replace the LGA 1366 motherboard with a new one, or RMA if possible? I'm sure eBay or Amazon might have some for under $200.
  5. What do you do with the machine is the better question.

    If its just gaming: LGA1155 board with an i5-3570k.
    If its gaming and video editing: LGA1155 and the 3770k.
    If you game, run virtual machines, video edit to a large degree and run number crunching programs: LGA2011 and the 3930k.
  6. +1 for manofchalk. to be honest, if you are just going to be gaming and doing some medium/high CPU intensive tasks, you would be fine with just a 3570k. 99% of games don't use hyperthreading, which is the only difference between the i7 and the i5. most programs use 1 core, lots use 2, some use 4 and not too many use any more than that. but there are a few, some of those don't support hyperthreading though. so, i'd say 2011 and 3930k is out of the question. you really, really don't need 12 threads.

    it's really between the 3570k and the 3770k. since it seems like you have quite a bit of money to spend though, i'd get the 3770k for future proofing your system. (and for bragging rights, of course) hyperthreading does come in handy. games are starting to fully utilize 4 cores, so those other 4 threads can do things like run windows and all of it's processes, desktop icons, and any other background programs you might have. those are all things that the 4 other cores don't have to do.
  7. Ok, ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard with Intel Core i7 3770K for $500
    Is it true that 1155 is more future proof than 2011 because the next Intel CPU's are compatible with 1155 motherboards?
    Also, would my 3x4BG DDR3 RAM fit in the 1155 mobo or do I need new RAM?
  8. Never mind, I just read that Haswell will have it's own socket :(
    I would be hopefully working by then and can afford it :)
  9. The next mainstream Intel CPU's are on a whole new socket, LGA1150.
    Right now, LGA1155 is not future proof, sometime early/mid-next year the new socket will be released.

    LGA2011 will last a bit longer, since it still has the Ivy Bridge architecture to go through before its replaced with Haswell.

    Watch this video on future-proofing. It explains a lot of the concepts quite well and explains why its impossible as well.

    Most 1155 mobo's come with four RAM slots, should be fine.
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