Is a silverstone st50f-es 500w psu enough for my pc?

i'm planning to buy a psu for my pc..
here's my specs..
intel core i.3 540
asus p7h55-m lx mobo
inno3d gtx550 ti gpu
2x 1tb hitachi hdd
2x dvd rw
4x chassis fans
..will a silverstone st50f-es 500w enough for that or should i go for a 600w psu?because i plan on adding another 500gb hdd and an Antec Kuhler H20 620 Liquid Cooling in the near future...
thanks in advance... :)
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  1. Yes, the 500w Silverstone will be sufficient.
  2. 500W is more than enough for your computer my friend, and it will give you room for more in the future too :-) Silverstone is a decent make as well, and that is often more important than the wattage. Good Luck!
  3. thanks! :)
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