Running bf3 on a T7500

Hi all,

I have a T7500 Dell desktop,

I was wondering if it would punch out BF on mid-range settings,

Specs are:
Xeon 5570 2.93 Ghz CPU
4GB DDR3 1333mhz ecc Ram
Nvidia Quadro FX1800
Dell 1100W PSU
500GB 7.2k RPM hdd

Opinions to get it to that standard?
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  1. I doubt it.
    3yr old server core.
    Not much RAM, though admittedly games rarely use more than 4GB.
    Thats a video-editing card, not known for its gaming performance.

    You have decent hardware, just not suited for gaming performance. If you want to game on that, I would double the RAM and get a graphics card like a HD7850.
  2. Yeah ok,

    It's more the CPU im worried about... Because BF3 is heavily reliant on the CPU,

    Do you think it would cope..?

  3. Nehalem is plenty powerful. The issue is the gpu which is about the performance of a downclocked 9600gt. Ram isn't an issue, got a old c2d and 4gb ddr2 running it on medium fine.
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    The Xeon 5570 is roughly equal to an i7 950 in terms of gaming, which is still more than sufficient. I dont think the CPU will become a bottleneck.

    The GPU will be the bigger decider when it comes to gaming performance.
  5. cool. New GPU it is then. I think a 7850 will do the trick.
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