600 Watt PSU good enough for SLI?

What's up guys wondering if my PSU is good enough for SLI with my current build. I have 1 PNY GeForce GTX 550Ti and I want to put another one in.

My build is:
gigabyte 990FX UD-3 motherboard
Geforce gtx 550Ti video card
corsair 600Watt gaming edition power supply
Four 2 gig crucial ram DDR3 RAM
500gig hard drive
AMD FX 4100 3.6 gigahertz unlocked (not overclocked) processor
heatsink/fan that came with the processor
Just 1 fan for now which is a 92 MM exhaust fan but looking to put 1 or 2 120MM fans in.

So my question ia you think I can run another video cars with all this other stuff in my system? Again 600W corsair PSU and want to put a second video card for SLI which will be the pny geforce GTX 550Ti video card
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  1. 600W is enough but its a little close. Based on Nvidia's website 2 would draw 230W.
  2. If its the corsair gs600 you will have more than enough. If its the corsair cx600 you're still good.
  3. Why would you want to SLI 2 550ti's? I'd sell the 550ti and use the extra money you have for a higher end card like a 7870. Regardless you'd see some bottlenecking.
  4. Nah want two 550Ti really like nvidia and the card. So you guys think I should be good with it? Just scares to blow it and want other opinions
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