Both front and back mic/speaker ports not working.

Hello, I was at a mates place last night, and brought my computer over to play some games. We went out for a break, and when i came back, my headphones weren't working. And both the front and back ports aren't working. Thinking nothing of it, we went back to our plan for the night, to install an older model hd 7770 video card into my pc. The card turned out to have a busted fan, and my computer shorted out. I tried to return my computer on, but it wouldn't start, and the HD audio cable connected into my motherboard was VERY hot, unable to touch without burning. I immediately switched everything off, and let it cool down. I have recently been playing around with either HD audio and AC97, and i am still completely stumped. Everything in my pc is running fine, except for both the front and back ports. THe front and back usb's are fine. However, upon logging in today, Realtek HD audio manager is not on my pc anymore, so i am unsure of how to switch between the HD audio and AC97. I am completely stumped, and am slowly giving up. I need these ports for my gaming, and am accepting the fact that i will have to fork out some money for a usb headset. I really do appreciate any help, as i have no idea as to what to do.
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  1. id say reinstall the drivers for the sound. if that doesnt work you probably have a bad board from the video card

    if you want a quick solution, just grab a asus dg 5.1 sound card for 20 bucks

    pci-e version. costs a lot more though given its not on sale
  2. Hey there, thanks for the reply. I have already downloaded new drivers for Realtek, audio and my motherboards chipset. Will a sound card definately fix the problem?
  3. And i also miss typed, i meant to say older model 5770, not 7770.
  4. either way, a sound card should easily fix things up. you probably have bad audio hardware on your board
  5. What do you mean by audio hardware?
  6. faulty onboard sound. you could do a RMA to get it fixed
  7. Do i just return it to where i bought it from? Or the motherboards manufacturer itself.
  8. where did you get the board from? you can ask the store to get some RMA help or contact the manufacturer directly and see what they can do about it
  9. I'm from Australia, so i got it from a pc place down here.
  10. yep. go there and see what they can do
  11. Hey there, sorry for the late reply. I was fiddling around in my computer, and i noticed that the cables connecting the front ports where extremely hot. So i think this may be the reason for the front ports not working, but i still don't understand why the back ports don't work, as they are directly from the motherboard. Is there anyway i can buy replacement cables?
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