Which brand of memory chip is MT?

Hi everybody,
I have 256 Mb of DDR/2100 memory but I don´t know the brand.
The chips have a MT written on them. Which brand could they be?

Thanks for any answer given.
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  1. Check for crucial.com
    Not sure though, but when I see something like that:

    MT41LC1M64E5TG-7 S

    the MT means for me that the MT type of the modul is from Crucial or Micron.
  2. They could be any brand. Micron sells they memory chips to other manufacture.
  3. Yeah, what I found, the MT stands for Micron Technology, that's right they sell their chips along with the MT abbreviation.
  4. Your chips on the RAM itself would be by Micron, but the RAM as a whole can be a third-party manufacturer.

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