Help! Computer connects to the wrong access point!

Hi. This is really odd. I'm working at a high school which has pretty large grounds. The network is configured via one central router and a lot of access points. Recently, they shut down my access point for a moment after connecting it again. The access point works fine (after finding my problem we've tested a lot of computers and they all connect to it and the internet). My laptop and my desktop - the only computers connected to access point when it was rebooted - do not connect to this access point however!

Instead, they "choose" to connect to an access point farther away, so that my signal strength is extremely low (and hence, my internet connection is very poor).

How do I get my computers to connect to the previous access point with the strong signal?

The laptop runs Windows 7 32-bit and the desktop runs Windows 7 64-bit.

EDIT: YEAH! Solved it. Went into 'administrate wireless networks', removed the network, and re-connected. Sorry for the trouble.
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  1. Thanks for updating your question with the solution.
  2. I was also going to mention that you can change the order in which your laptop will try to connect to networks in which you have previously been connected to. Whatever though, they way you did it is basically the same thing.
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