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Sapphire ATI Raedon HD5450 connection problem

HI friends ,

I need a sloution for my graphic card issue. I am bulding a new pc and i have assembled most of the parts. But there is one issue which i need a solution . HELP needed ASAP.

My system components.

Biostar A880GZ
WD cavier blue 500 HD
4 gb corsair 2nos : 8gb
PsU : Corsair CMPSU 430 wats CXV@UK .

Grapihics card : Sapphire ATI Raedon HD5450 2gb DDR 3

Now here is the problem :

I have assembled all the componets togather and then when i added my graphics card and then started the computer i see some random lines accross the moniter and its starts getting pixelated. This happenes only when i connect it to the graphics card but if you remove the vga cable and connect it to the onboard port its runs perfectly without any lines or pixels.

Is there something i have done wrong ( coz i am connecting the vga cable in to the graphics card port. Should i get a DVI connecter and then try to connect it to the graphics card..).
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  1. lines from the graphic card means you have heating problems.
    try to install one or more coolers to the case and see if you get some improvement
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    No, it's not heating problems. Those don't start until computer is turned on for at least a minute.

    I think your graphics card is faulty, its memory to be precise. I'd try it in another computer just to be sure (in your friends one, for example), but I'm almost certain it's the card fault.
  3. have you bought a passively cooled card? (with no fan?)
    if yes then add a few fans to your case (tell us which brand ) and you should be fine
  4. i hahe three coller fans attached no probs in thats . but when i tried the graphics card on my friends comp it shows the same issue of pixelation and random lines ...

    Now i think its a problem of the card .. is it rite guys ????
  5. Yes. The card is faulty. I'd call the warranty if it's still under one.
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  7. hey first remove your graphic card from motherboard then take your vga cable try to connect old vga port of motherboard and connect all connections properly except your graphic card after that start your system then go to bios setup set your hardware configuration properly then save it restart your system

    your system will take a time for start because hardware setting as applying to bios
    after that windows will started then after some time shutdown your system manually disconnect your connection then install your graphic card properly
    connect all connection and vga cable connect to graphiccard vga port is blue colour with holes don`t connect to motherboard vga port because you installed a graphic card the vga cable connect to graphic card vga port after that start your system go to bios setup set your hardware settings include graphic card hardware setting set it and save it restart your system you are done
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