Well, I have a GTX 560 and an intel core 2 duo e6700 overclocked to 3.00 ghz.

Am I bottlenecking like crazy?
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  2. in many games your cpu is holding you back!
  3. depends on the game and at what graphical settings

    it is easy for you to tell though, simply open your task manager and play your game for a bit. then alt tab and see if the cpu was running at or very near 100 percent. if it was there is at least a minor bottleneck to your gpu.

    to check how big of a bottleneck to your gpu simply download a program like msi afterburner to monitor how much of your gpu is being used. repeat the process listed above but check msi afterburner when you alt tab and see what percentage your gpu was running at. if it was running at 80 percent, you are being bottlenecked 20 percent.

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