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Hello, so I just got my new computer in a couple hours ago, its a Windows computer with a HDD and an SSD. I've been using Apple computers my whole life, and I've never done anything with any Solid State Drives of any sorts, how can I make it so that just my O/S is on the SSD and all my games go onto my HDD? Any help is good help.
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  1. When you install Windows, make sure only the SSD is connected to make sure you dont accidentally install it elsewhere. Then install all your drivers and such.
    Connect up the HDD, initialize and format it, should be good to go.

    There is no easy solution as far as I know, you have to be vigilant when installing programs. Usually it will ask you where you want to install it, and by default it will try C: drive (Your SSD). You have to tell it to install to the HDD. Same with movies, pictures and downloads. Set up your web browser so that it downloads to the HDD, move your user files to the HDD as well.
  2. Since you're getting a computer or you already got it with the HDD and the SSD, the maker/manufacturer/assembler must have already done the bit of installing the OS on the SSD .....
    Check and let us know, I can assume that since you're not building it yourself.
  3. It would be a mistake if whoever built your new computer DIDN'T use the SSD for the OS!
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