Help me choose a agraphic card

hi friends i want buy a graphic card for battlefield current specs are:
core i5 2500k(stock speed)
intel dh61ww
kingston 8gb 1333(single stick)
nvidia gt430
i want minumum fps 50 please suggest a card nvidia only and also good psu to power it up thanks in advance
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  1. will it give minimum 50 fps on ultra 550ti i can buy 560 non ti also
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    No way it will. If you want 50 fps minimum on ultra at Battlefield 3, you'll have to buy GTX 670. If high settings is enough for you, GTX 560 will get you 50 minimum fps with high settings. That is in heavy multiplayer environments.
  3. you should be able to run @ ultra @ 1080p @ 40fps without aa just fine
  4. best you get the gtx 560
  5. also tell us your location ( DELHI, MUMBAI) ETC so that we can tell you what price to expect
  6. mine loaction u can assume delhi and other games except bf3 will i be able to run on ultra 1920x1080?
  7. SLI two gtx 460's/560's


    Get 1 GTX 670.
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  9. friends which is budget coolermaster cabinet n psu for gtx graphic card series?
  10. Don't buy coolermaster PSUs, they are very bad. Stick with Corsair, Antec, Seasonic, XFX.
  11. ok which corsair model?
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