Intake or exhaust on radiator?

I have an NZXT Phantom 410 and I will be getting a 3570k i5 and the new H60 to cool it. I will be having two intake fans on the front of the case and two exhaust fans on the top of the case. I was just wondering whats the best setup to have on the radiator at the back, sucking cold air in or exhausting air out, I'll be running two Noctua NF-F12 fans on it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. Common sense dictates that drawing in fresh air would be best. However the data Ive seen says that exhausting internal temp air out through a rad results in minimal if any change in delta temps . That being said I'm sure there are extreme situations ( ie. a case that runs absurdly hot ) that would . Also this like many questions put forth in this forumn will certainly be contested . Best of luck
  2. Thanks for the advice, I think I'm going to test it with exhausting air as I don't want blow warm air straight back into the case.
  3. Sounds good !
  4. Go with exhaust, both work perfectly fine, but the thing is, running it with intake fans cause an ANNOYING dust build up in the fins over time.
  5. Agreed
  6. Thanks guys :)
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