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Upgrading My Pc

First,Iam going to tell you my Pc Specs :

Cpu : Intel pentium 4 3GHz

VeidoCard : Ati radeon HD 4350 series

Ram : 2GB DDR2

Motherboard : model ---- msi7366

And i wish to upgrade To :

Cpu : Intel core 2 duo e8400 3GHz

Veidocard : Sapphireamd radeon HD 6570 4 GB DDr3

Ram : any ram (4 Gb ) or higher

Now i need to know Will when i Buy these .... Can i remove the old ones and install those instead of them without changing my Motherboard ??

Note : Iam A beginner so please When you need something to know about my pc tell me i a easy way ..
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  1. just asking, what is your budget?
  2. You can probably get better performance for cheaper by getting a new system - you'll be able to buy the FAR cheaper DDR 3 ram, and a Pentium for $90 is more powerful than a core 2 duo by a significant amount... and the motherboard can be found for perhaps $80.
  3. chromic said:
    just asking, what is your budget?

    i only need to know will these components fit my Motherboard ???

    Does This Video card (Sapphireamd radeon HD 6570 4 GB DDr3 ) Fit my motherboard ????
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    You should be able to fit in the 6570 and The CPU since the motherboard supports socket 775 and it has a PCI ex 16 slot.
    Still, you're going to have to get DDR2 Ram/Memory since your motherboard can't support it. And just to be sure, this is your motherboard correct?

    Just make sure that's the motherboard you have.
    And for the Ram, DDR2 memory are more expensive then DDR3 due to them being older, it'd be better if you upgrade into a new system but you can find ddr2 memory but it'll just be more expensive. Hope this helps!
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  6. Thnxxxx So much,bro
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