Wireless router to router connection?

I have an Kasda router connected to my PC. I want to connect Wirless D-Link router to a Kasda router so I can have wirless internet on laptop and on my PC as it is now directly. But I can't seem to manage to get it work. I can catch the signal but it says "No Internet Access". Also I can't enter my wirless router when connected that way, only the normal one. I'm suspecting that I need to configure both routers somehow to get it working. I've tried some other things but no luck.

The first thing I done was this:

PC<->Router<->Wirless Router (Connected them on LAN ports)

Also I've tried:

Router<->Wireless Router(Connected LAN from router to an internet port on Wirless)<->PC(connected lan from wireless to PC). - This way I was able to acces both router from PC, but still couldn't connect to wirless on my laptop.

What should I do?
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    Just want to make sure i have all this.
    1. what about a modem? Is the first router you have (not the wireless) connected to a modem at all? Or is it a modem and router in one unit?

    2. You are trying to hard wire the wireless router to the other router so it transmits a signal that your laptop can connect to?

    The way i knew how to do it was this.
    Hook the wireless router up to your PC and get into the settings
    turn OFF DHCP on the wireless router and assign it a static IP address that would be in the same range as your current network. So if your current IP address is then you could go with or something. (leave DHCP enabled on the first router)
    connect an ethernet cable from the LAN port on router #1 to the LAN port on the wireless router (NOT THEN PORT)
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  3. Thanks, that did the thing :D
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