Help choosing right components i5 3570k

Hello :hello: guys, my name is Christian from Milton Keynes, I'm Italian and I got the passion for computers, especially custom gaming builds.

What I want to ask to you guys is that I'd like to start a new build but I've got some difficult choosing the components. The hardest part: Motherboard. The CPU I want to use is an i5 3570k (which I already have). I've seen very good reviews to the ASrock extreme 4 and 6, Asus Sabertooth and Maximus V, Gigabyte UD3H and UD5H, and MSI GD65.

Also the case. I want to watercool my system in a future, maybe next year, so I want a case with good fit for radiators, airflow and cable management. (my idea Aerocool xPredator Blac evil edition).

I want to use this system mainly for gaming but also to watch films. I'm plannig to overclock as much as I can (preferably with the max stability), SLI 2-way in the future so I'd like a motherboard that support PCIe 3.0 x16 for both if it's worth (or x16/x8 otherwise).

The other components would be:
Gigabyte GTX 670 2gb
(any) Corsair Vengeance 1600Hz+ 8GB LP
Corsair TX750M
an HDD (thinking about Western Digital) and a DVD/BR drive

I'm open to all suggestions so feel free to ask and write anything. I'd like to keep my budget within £900 - £1000 but I can make an effort if it's worth. Thanks in advance and sorry for my english (if I a made any mistake) but I'm in england since less than a year :)
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  1. just give us the budget and location (country you are buying in). watercooling on this level of a setup isnt that worth it but i can suggest some parts

    1: for the motherboard, get either the z77-v pro or the gigabyte ud5h.
    2: for a CPU cooler, id suggest a noctua d14 but then if you are going full custom on watercooling, get something like a rasa kit
    3: the gigabyte 670 is nice but the msi power edition is a better buy given it has overvolting support that no other 670s have
    4:for the power supply id suggest something like a xfx xx 750w. better than corsair
    5: if you are watercooling, something like a corsair 800d or a coolermaster haf x would be nice. otherwise id suggest a 500R from corsair
  2. Yes, I'll buy in England somewhere like amazon, ebuyer, or from shops near my city. Can you tell me why watercooling is not worth in this system?

    My budget is £800 cause I've bought the CPU already

    I would appreciate if, when you say a choice, can explain why. Thanks again :)
  3. something like this would do

    get the psu from overclockers as the one listed at amazon is not correct

    1: the CPU cooler is the best air heatsink you can probably get (other than the phanteks)
    2:the msi power edition is the best 670 out there
    3: the pro board is pretty self explanitory but the ud5h is the other option. if you want to spend a little less, id suggest the ud3h
    4: the R4 case is not that great for watercooling but at your budget you probably wont be doing that
  4. Ok, I've done some search on the web and I found for £761 pounds:

    MSI Z77 MPower, Intel Z77 ATX £144.92 (same price as the p8z77 pro but with better warranty and seems to be a great overclocker)

    750W XFX XXX P1-750B-UKB9, 88% Eff', 80 PLUS Silver £90.90

    8GB (2x4GB) Corsair DDR3 Vengeance Jet Black Low Profile, PC3-12800 (1600) £31.99

    2GB MSI GTX 670 Power Edition OC £302.00

    1TB Seagate ST1000DM003 Barracuda 7200.14 £59.69

    Sony AD-5280S-0B 24x DVD±R, 12xDVD±DL, DVD+RW x8/-RWx6 SATA, Black, OEM £13.00

    AeroCool X-Predator Orange Ultimate Mid Tower Gaming £99.72 (I like more this one because of the colors, cable management, and watercool ready)

    for the after-market heatsink I'll wait anyway because I'm not planning to overclock straight away, but I want to be future-proof and prepared to.

    what do you think mate?
  5. your build sounds good but you need a SSD like a samsug 830 128gb

    for the case, id recomend the coolermaster haf x instead. aerocool doesnt really sound like quality

    CPU cooler i would recommend is the d14 but then you can stay with stock for now
  6. that's what I was thinking to buy with the money left, although many people suggest to buy a 60GB ssd instead of a big one just for the OS. Do you think will I see any improvement installing games there or the hdd will be fine? (I don't mind the loading times, but I heard that with games like The Sims 3 it's better to have a quick drive to improve the experience).

    For the case I prefer coolermaster too (especially for the colors, black and blue from the motherboard, but orange and blue isn't too bad), but the thing that worry me is that HAF X is 6cm lower than xpredator and thinner also, so I'm not sure if the custom Heatsink will fits in that. Another thing that I don't like is the transparent panel, I've had one like that and the system was running hotter than without, this another reason that let me choose xpredator because it has a grid panel which give more airflow potential.

    I'm still searching if there is any other big and wide case but they cost too much and, in my opinion, they don't worth that money.
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