Radeon 4350 can it output audio in HDMI & DVI simultaneously?


i have connected the card to 2 displays (one HDMI and one DVI with a converter to HDMI). audio can stream to either display one at a time, how to stream to both at the same time?

many thanks
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  1. I'm not sure if that is possible.

    I believe that sometimes certain programs will allow you to select audio output to the non-default device, but that would only work in individual programs that let you do that.

    I think I was able to output to two different things at once by setting my front headphone jack to output simultaneously with the back panel audio. But this is not exactly what you are trying to do.
  2. The DVI port only transfers video signals, not audio signals.

    If you begin with the HDMI port on the video card, use a HDMI to DVI adapter, then connect to the DVI port of a monitor, you will only get video.

    If you begin with the DVI port on the video, use a DVI to HDMI adapter, then connect to the HDMI port of a monitor, you will only get video.

    To get audio coming out of both monitors you need a video card with two HDMI ports and both monitors must have HDMI ports (and built-in speakers as well).
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