Anyone else having Catalyst 12.6 driver issues?

Hey Guys,

Is anyone else suffering issues with either the WHQL 12.6 driver or the beta 12.7? I was up until the other day running 12.3, and everything was just fine. I then when I had the chance, downloaded and installed 12.6. Everything was fine until I was looking online at something, and suddenly my screen died, and my card's fan sped up to 100%?!

I couldn't do anything except reset my rig, upon which everything returned to normal. This has now happened twice, and is both annoying and worrying :sweat: and I was curious as to whether anyone else is having the same problem? I have also read that in some games, the frame rates were dropping considerably too, I admit I don't think this has happened to me though.

I have now returned to 12.3 and hopefully this issue has now resolved itself, until at least AMD decide to maybe iron out all the issues I have read about regarding both 12.6 and the 12.7 beta, once the beta goes official?

Many thanks in advance for any advice/comments.
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  1. I had a problem with that driver, normally only when I start a game as BF3 or WoW.

    The problem was that when I start to play a game, just 3 o 4 minutes after the screen stops and all sound went of. I worried that my card died. That happened twice, both time i had to hard restart my pc because it didnt work. When I booted on safe mode, used driver sweeper and clear ALL the drivers I had, then used the CD that came with my motherboard and installed only USB 3.0 drivers, Lan and Audio. Then I downloaded the patch 12.6 and now its working properly, I can play all my games as normal as before when i had 12.4. Maybe those drivers where crasing.

    Try that, AMD drivers have proven to be kinda annoying.

    Best of lucks, dude.
  2. Hey horaciopz,

    Thanks for the response. I did use Driver Sweeper to ensure I completely removed any trace of 12.6, before re installing 12.3.

    My Motherboard is a Gigabyte X58 UD3R and my bios is the latest version from their website.

    Although I have had an issue with the 12.6 drivers, all my games (I don't play Wow) but BF3 ran just fine as did all my other games.

    Like you though, I could do nothing until I had completely shut down and restarted?! And it's the noise of the fan on my 7970 that's the most frightening aspect, as I too thought my card was faulty?!

    I have read since posting above, that a lot of people have been having various issues with the 12.6 ans the 12.7 beta versions, and are seriously miffed at AMD!!

    I might, as it's only 5 months old, try and RMA my card and see if the company I bought it from will do a straight swap for a GTX 680, as when I bought it, it was a similar price.

    Many thanks for your comments, glad you have sorted your issues!!
  3. I have had repeated driver has stopped and recovered while playing GW2 Beta and World of Tanks. It seems to be the driver not the hardware.
  4. Hey DogSnake,

    Thank Christ for that, can I ask which driver you were having this issue with? I am beginning to regret not having the patience to wait for the GTX 680, as I believe that as far as drivers go, nVidia generally release better drivers than AMD, and the 680 is marginally better than the 7970, although I don't spend much time looking at comparison graphs etc.
  5. Well there is a say that says...

    if its not broken, dont try to fix it.

    If you card is working properly with the 12.3 driver theres not many reasons to change it, you can wait for the 12.7 drivers if those are working well. It not, well... Change your GPU for a GTX680, you will get ride those driver problems
  6. Ver. 12.6. I have since used the AMD install package to uninstall all elements. Reinstalled only CCC and the driver. Have not had an issue since but it has only been a few hrs. I use a modded HIS IceQ 6950 slightly overclocked.
  7. Thanks for you input guys,

    I am going to leave everything at it is for the time being, and see what happens. Will keep you posted, and good luck DogSnake with your new settings!!
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