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Hey guys im a gamer from australia who tends to play alot of battlefield 3, iracing, COD, minecraft and counterstrike.
Im currently looking for some upgrades for my system that dont particularly boost performance but boost the efficiency of my system.

My current system is
Core I5 3570k
Asus P8H61-M Le
Inno3d GTX560 1gb
ThermalTake 500watt psu
Aopen nagas g5

So i am looking for a new powersupply, motherboard and fan controller for around the $200 mark if i cant get a new motherboard on the cash i can survive for the moment on what i have but in a motherboard it must either be Asus EVGA or intel as thats what i can get. It must also include a minimum of 2x PCIe x16 slots so i can run sli or crossfire in the future.

With a power supply it must have at least 4 6pin pcie connectors and modular would be nice except not essential, it also must include 4x sata power cables.

With the fan controller i would like it to include at least 5 controls as thats the number of case fans i have.

Thanks guys hopefully you can help me out
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  1. Replacing the motherboard will also mean you have to get a OS if its an OEM.

    Getting that much hardware for $200 will be a stretch. I would get the PSU and fan controller, then save up for a new mobo later.
    A decent mobo here in Aus will easily cost ~$150.

    Silverstone Strider Plus 750W, 80+ Silver Fully modular. $149
    Very good supply. Its 80+ Silver (nearly Gold according to reviews), fully modular and high quality. Its efficiency below 80+ standard is also very good, 80% efficient at 10% load. Its also the cheapest modular 750W of its efficiency on PC Case Gear. Have it in my personal rig and no problems.

    NZXT Sentry Mix, 6 Channel fan Controller. $45
    What I use personally, and I love the thing.

    Though the Sentry Mesh is a good option if you only need 5 channels and want to save a bit of cash.
    NZXT Sentry Mesh. $29
  2. Sweet that should be great i think the sentry may be the way to go as the front of my case is mesh with dust filtering foam behind it and i wont need to purchase a new os as i have several windows 7 pro product keys
  3. Also forgot to add i have 2x samsung 500gb HDD
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