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Crossfire 6850 (OC) vs radeon 7870 (OC)

I've been searching for something benchmark wise or whatever to compare the two but haven't really been successful. This is for a beginning build and I've heard its best to stick with a single GPU so that is what I am leaning towards. Would I be missing out of if I went with the 7870?
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  1. Single more powerful card will always get my vote. Performance will be similar but no dual card issues.
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    Rolli is absolutely right--if you're buying new today, it's rare that a 2-card setup is your best choice.

    As for the 7870, I assume this means you're looking around the high $200s as a price range? If you can afford it, the upgrade to a 7950 is substantial. There's a Gigabyte 7950 for $320 post-rebate here: It seems like a good card, non-stock-cooler with good reviews overall. Compared to the 7870, the 7950 has 50% wider RAM bus with 50% more RAM, as well as 40% more shaders. It's a big upgrade and significantly more future-proof.

    You could (should?) also consider waiting for the 660 Ti to come out. It may be a great card in its own right, but it may also change the market on 7870s and 7950s, since it's projected to release at $299.

    edit: oh yeah, but the 7870 is still a good choice if you can't go over $300. Get the twin frozr for $260 post-rebate, still a good value:
  3. The power usage from the Xfired 6850's will be immense, as will the heat production.

    Stick with the fastest single card, power consumption with the newer cards is worlds better, and you will be much happier. As will your MB, and any other components inside your case.
  4. I had originally planned to get the 7950, but I'm not sure if that's going to work out money wise unfortunately. If money does allow, I am certainly going to get it. For now I think I will be fine with the 7870 and upgrade in the not-too-distant future. Thanks for all your input!
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