Which Lian-Li case is better?

I suppose if I have to ask then maybe I should go with the less expensive one but not all features are shown on advertised pages. Does one have dust filters and the other doesn't? These are the two cases:


From 2009 according to the Lian-Li page whereas


Is from last year. Which one is better for liquid cooling (I have an H100 from Corsair)? What are differences between them that I'm missing? I know one is an inch longer but I have an HAF 932 now so any one would be an improvement. The HAF 932 was a great starter case when I built my X58 i7 950 build (I still have that build, but am saving for Haswell and whatever Sabertooth MB will be compatible with it and order a compatible H100 backplate with it obviously), but it doesn't even have USB 3.0, though the trouble free liquid cooling (replaced an old v6 cooler which was hell cleaning and dealing with).

PS: I'm also considering a Cosmo II, as I love the huge case but Lian-Li has a certain appeal too, even if it isn't nearly as gigantic.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. A PC case is a personal choice. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all that... Myself, I would opt for the A76 Black. It has more interior room and appears to have more space behind the MB tray for cable management. That, and I've never been a fan of aluminum/silver interiors. Again, a personal choice.
    But are you sure you want to deal with a 'door' every time you access a front panel drive or other device installed in the drive bays? I had a Lian Li case several years ago with a door. It was a pain. I finally took it off.
  2. The A75 is the A76 but without a door. I personally like the door as it gives it that monolith look. I'm actually holding out until the PC-V2120X goes on sale but if it doesn't then I think I'll go with the A76, though it doesn't get good reviews from all the sites and videos I've read/watched =(

    Like I said Cosmo II is still on the table as an option so I wouldn't mind paying $350 or even $400 for the PC-V2120X, though if there's no sale then the A76 (or Cosmo II) is my choice.

    Microcenter doesn't carry Lian-Li so I'm going to have to order it online, complete with shipping and potential shipping damage =(

    Their new high-end case is:


    But for $500 I don't even think their sale price would be within my target price range.
  3. Ive had both of the lian-li cases, they are very good cases but nether will really work with the h100. there's nowhere to mount the rad unless you cut holes in the top of the case. I dont think the tubes will be long enough to mount the rad in the front 5.25 bays.

    If you really want a case pick up a xspc H2 Tower+ Case. I picked one of these up about 6 months ago and it will be the last case i ever buy.
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