Graphics card for UE 4

what graphics card would u recommend for next years ue4 based games
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  1. what kind of system is it going in? What kind of budget are you willing to throw at it?
  2. if games come out which look like ue 4 demo then what sort of gpu set up will be able to run this games ?
  3. If you want to play UE4 games at Ultra settings, I'm pretty sure you will need the best GPU's today. I think it will even push single GTX 670/680;s to their limits as well as the HD 7950/7970.

    I think the safest bet you will be ready will be SLI/CF of the gpu's I mentioned. I will be getting a second GTX 670 soon to be ready for those games.
  4. Could ya be more specific

    -how many monitors ?
    -what resolution ?
    -60 or 120 Hz ?
    -case size ?
    -PSU ?
    -Platform / CPU ?

    One or two of these would be my "generic" choice ....
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