Cannot uninstall integrated graphics

Hello desperate! I am trying to upgrade my husbands computer to play Diablo III that I bought him for his birthday but emachines are awful and its all that I have. Here are the specs (sorry dont know what u need)

CPU1 : AMD Athlon™ II X2 dual-core processor 235e
(2.7GHz, 2MB L2 cache)
Operating System2 : Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit
Chipset : NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150 SE
Memory3 : 6144MB DDR2 dual-channel (2 × 1024MB + 2 × 2048MB)
Expandable to 8GB
4 DDR2 slots (total), 0 DDR2 slot (available)
Hard Drive4 : 750GB 7200rpm SATA
Video : Integrated NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150 SE graphics

First of all I updated the power supply to a Thermaltake TR2 600W. Then I purchased a AMD Radeon™ HD 6670 graphics card. The problem is that my computer has integrated graphics and when I go into BIOS to disable it that particular thing is greyed out and I am unable to click on it to disable it. No matter what I do I cannot install this card correctly and im so frustrated I could scream! Also, I bought him a 26" Sanyo LCD tv to use as a monitor...Do I need to hook that up a certain way? I know he wanted this game so bad and was so happy I had gone to all of these lengths to give that to him and still have yet to make it happen :( PLEASE HELP!!!! I have been reading and researching for a couple of weeks and even made the mistake of talking to tech support @emachines. No luck. Thanks so much and God bless!
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  1. You need to insert the graphics card, hook the TV to the graphics card (not the motherboard, this is important!), and turn on the PC. That's it :).
  2. Some motherboards can auto-detect the graphic card.

    Have you simply tried installing the Radeon HD 6670 and installing the AMD graphic drivers?
  3. I actually did do that several times and plugged the tv into the card as well. But all I get is a black screen that says no signal detected :(
  4. Try hooking it up to the motherboard first and download the drivers for the video card. Then switch the plugin to the video card.
  5. after you installed the video card, did you try hooking up a standard pc monitor ? if it works you can then install the AMD drivers/reboot to see if it works correctly and then you can shut down/hook up tv and go from there.

    and you should be able to disable the on board by going into the device manager but would advise against it right now....... there has to be a solution as things sit.

    and if it's a TV, it has it's own control panel and might need to be enabled from there to work as pc monitor/
  6. When I contacted Emachines they said it cant be disabled but I have read so many articles where people did it but didnt say how. The tv has been used as a monitor for over a year but I wonder if I am hooking it correctly? The card has 3 different ways to connect it and I just ran the hi-def cord from there to the tv. Does the normal cord need to be hooked as well as the hi-def cord? Im so sorry guys....normally im not this clueless :(
  7. Could you take a picture? There's no such thing as hi-def or normal cord.
  8. Sorry Swifty, didnt mean to overlook most of your post. The tv is enabled as a comp monitor. I havent tried to connect the old monitor though. I will just in case
  9. What I meant to say was it has a hdmi hookup, a 2xDual-link DVI, and a Display port hookup. What I meat by normal cord was just the usual cord (so sorry dunno the name) that you would hook from the back of the comp to a normal monitor. Thanks for bearing wth me....I have been reading since 7 this morning and have quite a migraine from it. Sorry.
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