Intel i5 combo?

been asking around here lately about getting amd fx6300 cpu and the majority says yes, its decent. but i also get "BUY INTEL ITS WORTH IT"

my main reason for choosing amd is price. but id rather go for intel if i can afford it and its all its cracked up to be.
any suggestions for an i5 chip with an intel mobo combo for $300 or less?

this fanboy war/competition thing is tearing me both ways. alot of reviews say a decent amd chip will be perfectly fine. some say ill regret it. but others say its worth it to buy intel. so what do i do?

if someone with very considerable knowledge AND experience of both chips could set me on the right path id very much appreciate it.

sorry if i open a huge flame war thread. i just need REAL advice and not opinions
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  1. additional info:
    the amd will be probably be overclocked to around 4.3ghz
    gpu = HD7850

    if i can get an amd and oc it to close to or even 80% the performance of an intel for MUCH cheaper. im perfectly fine with that. but are there other factors besides performance i should consider?

    consider what Stan has to say. 6300 is worth it. i5 is better. but that "better" is more a number and not so much the "experience"
  3. satyamdubey said:

    consider what Stan has to say. 6300 is worth it. i5 is better. but that "better" is more a number and not so much the "experience"

    This man speaks the truth

    The amd 6300 is a great cpu from amd. I pretty much recommend the amd 6300 to anyone Who well Likes to save money and yet wants a cpu that Is fast more than fast enough for gaming. In the real world. I couldn't notice the difference between a i7 2600k or my 6300. me and my mate swapped mobos and cpus for a couple of days to see how it is. I didnt notice the difference. i Noticed that my mate spend 300+ on his cpu while spent $134 :P. If your the type of guy who has the money and wants the most bleeding edge perfomance than a i5/i7 will give you those phew fps more. However like i said before I work hard for my money. Money does not grow on trees. If money does not need to be spent I wont spend it. Thats how i saw the 6300. Its a fine gaming cpu that maxes all games has 6 cores and is overclock able.

    That being said. Of course we all know the i5 is faster. However for that $100 dollars i wouldnt pay that premium for 5-10fps when im acheving 60fps on every game i play. With that $100 i bought my self a ssd. and with the extra cash i had. just tucked it away haha
  4. thanks for the help, its almost exactly what i wanted to hear :)

    in your comparison of the mobo/cpu's, was the 6300 stock clocked?
  5. and if it was oc, did it use stock fan?
  6. Stan did agree about having to OC his 6300 to keep up with his 7970 you can pretty much see it in his sig above. whether its stock or not cant remember
  7. Yea you do have to overclock to 6300 to keep up with a 7970/680

    As for the motherboard trade. I gave it to him STOCK But he noticed when he put on fraps that he wasnt getting the fps he should example: battlefield 3 55fps-75fps After that i told him overclock to around 4.1 or over. And the gpu usage when to 99% and the fps whent from 70-90fps. so at stock it bottlenecked about 15%. However it took about 30seconds to go to 4.1ghz So yea not a big deal to me. Might be for some.

    at 4.1+ghz There is no diffrence between a core i7 2600k or a amd 6300 4.1ghz in PURELY GAMING even in skyrim in the real world yes the i7 might get 10fps more but for a preium price tag. they both hold Nice fps If you cant overclock though or your scared or you just wont then dont get the amd cpu It shines when overclocked. i put it up to 4.5ghz And its eating up anything. though all you need is 4.1. Im not hiding the face that this cpu DID bottleneck my 7970 at stock clocks however a small oc fixed that very easy. and im not surprised it did bottleneck me. The 7970ghz is a fast card one of the fastest and this cpu costed me $134. I do not regret my choice even till this day
  8. ill have a 7850 so it shouldnt bottleneck much, right?
    so i wont need an aftermarket cooler for 4.5ghz?
  9. There won't be any bottleneck what so ever on the 7850. Even a 7950 there wouldn't really be a bottleneck only the 7970/680. Also you don't need 4.5ghz go for 4.1-4.3 you will be fine
  10. sweet thats 30 bucks i can use for something else
  11. yeah put it in ram maybe.
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