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i have a Sapphire 7770Ghz Oc Edition Card to Some this Is Also Known As A Sapphire 7770 Oc Edition idk Why they Drop The Ghz Part When Talkin Reviews About It But Alwel Anyways i got this card 3 weeks ago and then 2nd day after finish buildin my new pc the 7770 was playing up

im talking about keeps giving me a black/red/white/grey/blue screen sometimes with lines and then recovers but as the days went on it got worser and the recovery's would get less frequent and would just stay at that screen untill i restart my pc sometimes it would drop the display sync as in im playin a game or on the net and suddenly i get a black screen on my monitor saying that no input detected and ive tryed VGA DVI and HDMI and all did the same thing i would also

get artifacts in my demanding games like BF3 and get most of the problems when playing these games would also happen as soon as i log into my computer so i decided thats it i cant take it so i sent it to my retailer where they tested it and what you know it didnt play up on them and this retailer is very reliable and they wouldnt get cheap or give me back a faulty card they are very customer frendly and havnt had one issue with them anyways

the card didnt play up on them and i used the 12.6 and 12.7 cata both tryed out and both when installing them used driver sweeper to clean all the amd drivers for a clean install and installed each atleast 2 or 3 times just to make sure it had been installed right and ive tryed increasing my voltages by 5% and didnt see any improvement and also tryed different pcie power plugs since i have a antec 650w dual 12v power supply and both didnt improve

and while its away ive been tryin out my system to see if it was my system and ive played some games with my processor even bf3 on really low settings and for a even better test i used fraps while playin bf3 and i only have the one HDD and so i was recording for the whole time i played and didnt screw up once so my system didnt play up once while my 7770 is away and as im waiting for my card to come back this week any 1 got any ideas i should try if it plays up again

?? and soz for this long message their was so much to let u guys know b4 u answer and my specs are

cpu: i5 3450 and yes i know it uses 2500 graphics
ram: kingston hyperx ram 1600c9 4gb x 2 ram sticks
motherboard: Gigabyte GA - H77 - D3H - MVP

i also have a wireless card in the pci slot and i have 4 120mm fans and 1 180 or 200mm fan on the side

so any 1 got any ideas what my problem is or how to fix it if it happens again when i get my card back ?? im planning on getting another Sapphire 7770Ghz Oc edition card to crossfire but i also was getting it incase it came back non faulty and was still havin issues with it to test if its my system or the faulty 7770
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  1. Looks like video card issue. Try to check it on another pc. Dose your pc hang when you play game and need reset?
  2. Also try to underclock it to default clock speed.
  3. yes i forgot to say this in my post that when i tryed down clocking from core 1150 to 1100 and the memory from 1250 to 1200 it cause more problems as soon as i down clocked the card i got so many artifacts on the screen and changing it back didnt make any difference the downclocking introducted artifacts wasnt getting any untill i downclocked it and when u say hang when i play a game wats u mean this is still my first build
  4. He means, does your PC freeze up during gaming?
  5. Means, pc freeze. Dose your pc freeze after a while when gaming?
  6. Set it to default clock. Core clock @1000mhz and mem clock @ 1125mhz. If its not going to help, then maybe the card is faulty. You already tried driver update. So driver is not an issue. Most of the time this problem appear when there is a faulty card.

    You can try RMA it.
  7. nope dosent freeze up never had frozen up or paused for 1 or 2 secs its fast as every single day no matter how long i my pc running for
  8. Then it's most likely the GPU needs to be replaced. I would RMA the card.
  9. well like i said the card didnt play up at the factory oc core 1150 and 1250 when they tested it in store im still waiting for it to come back so if it still plays up i might try the downclocking to the reference 1000mhz and 1125mhz
  10. So multi-color line appear only while gaming? But RMA is a good option for this type of problem.
  11. nope not just gaming happens after i log into windows and everything is starting up or when i go into internet explorer or anything else on the desktop but yes it mostly plays up during bf3 hasnt done anything in metro 2033 yet but havnt played crysis enough to see if it dose anything in that either just play bf3 alot
  12. and its not lines its just the whole screen goes red or blue or white or black or grey and thats just different times its one of them that happen one time and nxt time it dose it it maybe a different color so its not multi color just a random color but havnt had any other colors but them
  13. Then it sounds like the GPU is bad and needs to be RMA'ed.
  14. well i only have the one system i cant test it on multi so if it is still faulty i have no way to prove since i only got the one system when i get my new sapphire 7770 oc edition card i will compare and see if the new one plays up like the other one and if it plays up i will do the RMA thing but with no proof i got nothing just be throwing money away of me sending it them looking at it again n them sayin again its working fine
  15. i had a plan worked out to test but wanted to know from owners of more then one system/gpu's if this sounds like a bad card or could be my system or did i miss something and thnx for backing up my first impressions
  16. I have experience with multi-color in whole screen. That was graphics card. Two graphic card and one mobo. RMA was the solution.

    When multi-color appear, dose game run fine? It should freeze. Anyway there need to be RMA.
  17. to get rid of the solid color
  18. its not multi color its just a plain red or a plain black or a plain grey or a plain white or a plain blue screen that appears just the whole screen goes one color and thats all i see is a non transparent solid red or black or white or grey or blue so pritty much i cant see my screen or nothing but when it happened i did unplug from the graphics card to the mobo and it was fine no lagg or same color no nothing but when pluggin it back into my graphics card the solid color would still be their and have to restart my pc when it happens
  19. You mean, you unplug gfx card when system is running and put it back? So you plug monitor cord into motherboard? Two graphic at a time?
  20. no i unplug the vga or dvi or hdmi whatever im using from the 7770 and plug it into my mobo and i have lucid virtu mvp so yes i can use any display port i want on the graphics card or mobo
  21. Disable mobo graphic from bios and see what happen.
  22. it wasnt enabled at first i had the problems and graphics card used first b4 i installed my intel HD graphics driver it had no graphics driver installed at first for the cpu so i doubt its the IGPU since i wasnt using it nor did i even have intel HD graphics driver installed
  23. You are saying, without IGP your, your gpu making problem? Then it is a faulty card.
  24. yes dude because at first when i started havin problems i wasnt even using the motherboard nor did i have the intel hd graphics installed i did all that the 5 or 6th day after i built my pc and on the 2nd day after my build it started givin me problems but yea thats what i thort will see whats the go with the card when i get it bk this week and if its still faulty i will be getting my new 7770 nxt week so i will see if thats playin up as well because well if it is then its my system if it dosent then ive got one faulty 7770 and one good one
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