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PSU Connector issue

I bought a new PSU with the following connectors:
1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
1 x 8 Pin EPS 12V
1 x PCI-E
4 x SATA
3 x Peripheral
1 x Floppy

My mobo needs the following:
ATX 24-Pin power connector
4-pin ATX 12V power connector

I plugged in the 24 pin into the motherboard, but I noticed that I still need to plug in 4 pin for CPU.
What exactly am I supposed to do? Am I screwed?

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. Bump, any help?
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    Hi. The plug you're looking for is the 1 x 8 Pin EPS 12V listed above which is really two detachable ATX12V connectors (4+4).
  3. Ah, thank you. Didn't think it would work that way.
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  5. You're welcome.
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