3570k temps through the roof

At stock clocks, after about 4 seconds of Prime I hit 90C. I'm using a 2013 H60, which I'm aware isn't exactly amazing, but something is wrong here, no? Idles about 35C.

Haven't had issues with this cooler before, starting to thing I may have not mounted it properly.

Any suggestions? Thanks.
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  1. Overclock?
  2. well prime is a pretty intense program but it should be that high did you overclcok your cpu or change the voltage
  3. No OC at all yet, and voltage still at auto.

    I think my problem is different to what I have here, if anyone can help http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/283221-11-3570k-worry-temps
  4. Have you tried reseating the H60 yet?
  5. Yea, when I took it off I noticed it wasn't on quite as firm as it probably should have been. Reattached it and temps marginally improved. Not sure if my issue is related to the cooler though.
  6. Try adding another fan on the radiator with push pull and see how it goes, noctua nf f12 fans are the bomb for that sort of thing
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