WIll this CPU botleneck my GPU?

Hi! I have a fairly old system and I've decided to upgrade it for the first time in years. I just bought Sapphire 7850 1GB video card, but haven't installed it yet. My CPU is an old Athlon II x2 260. I'm pretty sure it will be a major bottleneck for the card, so I was wondering what would be a good, but not overly expensive CPU to go with 7850 without bottlenecking? My motherboard supports AMD processors. I was thinking of getting Phenom x4 965BE, but I hear some saying it will be a bottleneck too, is it true?

Btw, I have a 19 inch monitor, so I am not planning on playing on huge resolutions or several monitors and stuff like that.
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  1. Who said you x4 965 be will bottleneck.you are good for go and there will be no bottleneck.
  2. 965 BE wont have problem driving 7850 at that resolution. maybe a slight OC will be required but 965 wont have problem.
    go ahead.
  3. Yep 2 answers on top +1 both correct

    that cpu is 100% fine
  4. Awesome! Thanks!
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