Orange light on monitor.

Okay, here's what happened. The computer suddenly froze on me. I couldn't move the mouse... keyboard stopped working.. same goes for the monitor. so i decided to turn off the computer. when i try to turn it on the monitor light goes to green for like 5 seconds then go to orange(goes to sleep) after a few times turning on and off for like 3 times, the monitor is now just stays orange.
Ithink Its not the monitor.. cause. can someone help please.... .I also cleaned my ram and other components properly then also facing same problem.
please help and response fast as possible
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  1. Check if the PSU is giving all the right voltages, Also you can try to remove the video card and try using the motheboard vga/dvi/hdmi port.
  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your reply, But how to run simple test so that I can be sure that my SMPS (PSU) giving right voltage? and I am not using any external video card..
  3. You need a multitester. Set it to test voltage (V) Put the black (-) wire to any black wire located in the 20pin connector and the proceed putting the red (+) wire to all the colored wires and see if the voltages are right. This should help:
    Or you can just get another PSU and put it in your system to check if it's actually the PSU causing this mess.
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