Ahhhh frustrated. /rage

Okay, I posted another topic about the infamous ''Ati display driver has stopped working'' problem appearing every 30seconds-2minutes during gaming but now after some fixes I'll either get apphangs w/ ''send error report'' at random times, VPU recover messages or the computer completely shutting itself down (actually thought the power went out). Inbetween these issues gameplay is flawless and smooth with no sign of ''slow downs'' or anything before it all happens. Spent weeks solid trying to solve one problem and yet again a whole day on this..

Nothing is overclocked. Specs.

i5 760
4gb Geil Ram DDR 3
Seagate 500gb HDD w/1tb Hitachi HDD and 2 2tb externals (again, seagate and hitachi)
Radeon 7850 GPU
Gigabyte P55 US3L mobo
750w (generic I believe) PSU

I've also swapped out parts - swapped a set of RAM in all different slots, juggled the HDD's (all on at once, just one etc), the GPU is literally 4 days old and my old ATI GPU did the same thing so I doubt it's the GPU itself as it's flawless when it works! Tempratures never hit 70 celcius plus on anything, usually around 25-30 idle, CPU usually around 30 idle 50-60 on load.

Now after following about 20 different fixes from this site and others for the display driver issue on Windows 7 I threw in the towel. I've formatted and reinstalled XP SP3 on one of my HDDs, completely clean install. Installed all the drivers again, cleaned the computer out physically, updated bios and everything. I'm now stuck with this problem. Decided to download Furmark and do some testing, first time it got to about 70% with temps no higher than 60 celcius. My rig just completely shut down like a power cut. No error at startup, nothing. So I tried again and 1 second into it it shut down again. Just a flicker of the test then shutdown. Then again, and for a third time, shut down.

Help? From research I'm thinking maybe it's my PSU? I'm really hoping I don't have to invest in another though as life is more important than gaming..I just have a bad feeling i'll replace the PSU and it'll just continue to happen but sadly I'm almost 100% it isn't software based but I pray it is haha
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  1. Quote:
    750w (generic I believe) PSU

    Probably your problem. IMO buy a nice unit from Corsair or something and see if it helps.
  2. BigMack70 said:
    750w (generic I believe) PSU

    Probably your problem. IMO buy a nice unit from Corsair or something and see if it helps.

    I was afraid of this simply because I can't justify spending another 70-100 on a PSU after dropping 250 on a GPU this month. I have the money, but i'm moving out soon and only dropped 250 on the card to get rid of the xbox. I got the PSU in a Mobo/PSU bundle a couple years back from a reputable company here in the UK, otherwise i'd have got something better...:(

    Problem is then what's next if a new PSU doesn't work - I've already spent 2 days on the software side. In and out of Bios and safe mode all weekend off work when I just wanted to enjoy my new GPU. more RAM? New mobo? Seems a never ending loop..
  3. My guess would also be PSU. Worthwhile getting something decent anyway.

    A decent 500W PSU such as a corsair would power that system.
  4. If you get repeatable crashes across multiple video driver versions in furmark that are not due to temperatures, then there is a very high probability that you are looking at a power supply problem.

    Just my thoughts - others may know more.
  5. its probably the power supply. you should be able to buy a 400w good psu and it run the 7850 but a generic psu some times can't even run anywhere near their value and they also break easier.

    You could also just have a faulty gpu but thats less likely.
  6. I think I might stump up the cash for a 500w CX500 from Corsair - seen one for 35 on offer. I don't think it's the GPU as I experienced the same problems with my previous one. I've also exhausted the software side - spent 2 days now reformatting + installing a whole new OS, uninstalling, and installing new drivers, the works.

    Just played some Dead Island, apphang. But I played Fifa 12 (soccer) for a few games with no real issues (may have just got lucky earlier though!) And in general browsing/watching videos it's fine...
  7. definitely sounds like the power supply issue. The more stressful the software, the more likely it seems to fail.
  8. I think there is a consensus - psu from a no name brand is sketchy. Even brands that have recognizable names are often over rated. Get a good Antec, corsair, seasonic, silverstone, xfx...
  9. esrever said:
    definitely sounds like the power supply issue. The more stressful the software, the more likely it seems to fail.

    I kinda hope you're right. Luckily the PSU seems to be pretty cheap compared to say a Mobo, GPU or processor replacement. 30-50 seems reasonable around the 400-600w mark - any suggestions for a decent priced PSU? I'm not looking for a Nasa spec PSU at like 80+ for 500w, though. Just something solid.
  10. A few, I hope, helpful points:
    Buy online, using a credit card-even if THEY get hold of the info, you're covered.
    There is something wonderful here in the UK called the Distance Selling Regulations, which means you can return an item, purchased over the'net, within, I think 7 working days, WITHOUT GIVING ANY REASON WHATSOEVER! You'll incur shipping costs, though :(.
    As for PSU: Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, OCZ and Silverstone ae usually top notch. With no overclocked parts, 500 Watts from any of those makers will be enough but be sure to check it has enouh 6-pin PCI-E connectors to drive the graphics card.
    Expect to pay about 50 quid.
    Overclockers, Scan, Dabs, Misco, Ebuyer are good starting points.
    In fact, here's one I found after a few seconds searching:

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