Windows Experience Index rating problem w/ Graphic Card

I tried rating my computer using WEI the other day. I started the program an left the room, came back 5 minutes later and it was still at rating direct x performance (I don't know the exact name but it was one of the very first things it rates). Basically it never made it past the graphics card portion of the test. It said it allowed the maximum amount of time to complete the test and failed.

I'm thinking its a graphics card issue or a driver issue. I have the latest 12.6 Catalyst.

Asus p8z77-vpro
i5 3570k
CM hyper 212+
16gb 1600mhz
120gb Intel SSD
850W Raidmax PSU
2 6870s Xfire. < < < <
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  1. the latest driver is 12.7, and for the Xfired 6870's, it was amazing. It dropped temps for me, and increased power in some situations.

    How are you installing/uninstalling drivers? Driver sweeper in safemode? If it's been awhile, I would recommend backing up and doing a fresh install of windows, and of all your newest drivers. (12.7)

    What program are you using to control the 6870's? Afterburner? I believe 2.22 just came out also.
  2. I'm not using anything with the graphics cards. I just put them on and installed the drivers, I don't monitor the GPU temps at all only the CPU.

    I will backup and install 12.7 and get back to you.
  3. I would start monitoring the GPU temps with something with MSi Afterburner just for good measure.

    And no one really gives any craps about WEI to be honest. If you want to run a real benchmark, run 3DMark11.

    I would try maybe updating to 12.7 drivers though.
  4. Update was a success, and I know that I just ran it the other day after an overclock and I noticed that problem. Thanks for the help and I'll be sure to to get the afterburner
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