Need help identify brand/ make of power supply

Hi guys,

I bough several used "RM12402 REV:G" 1u chassis with a power supply inside. The seller said to me it's a chenbro power supply, but he doesn't know for sure and also doesn't know any technical details about it (he assumes 350W). Now I wonder if someone could help me identify the power supply and provide me with its datasheet? I took two pictures where you can see the power supply and the serials on it (searching for them on google doesn't give any meaningful results). There are two more serials on the side of power supply P/N: 9PA0550115 and S/N: S0021000266 which you cannot see on the pictures I attached.

Also, do you know if the installed backplane 80H103124-006 Rev B0 support SATA 3Gb/s andSATA 6Gb/s?

Thank you very much for any help :sarcastic:

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  1. Is that a DELL?
  2. The case is a chenbro. I only bought the case with power supply and backplane.
  3. You could try using a tester to see all the outputs. But I think it's some cheap ass PSU made to run the most primitive components. What do you even need it for?
    A Google brings up your two threads on this subject so info is sparse, I wouldn't trust them, check for any further info you may be able to find
  5. Thanks so far. Someone else thought it's from sparklepower, so I just sent them an email. Let's hope they'll answer and it's one of theirs. :)

    If it's really 350W I'd like to use them for new 12-Core Opteron Systems (1x Opteron 6344, 8x16GB RAM, 2x3TB HDD, 2x500GB SSD). 350W should be more than enough, for this right?
  6. I used this to roughly caclulate requirements and it came to 223w for me, I couldn't find your chip listed on the G34 socket so used a similar 2.6GHz chip
    I think you'll be pushing it on a 350w unit tbh, especially if its a 24/7 load on the server but if you ask in the server forums they would be more familiar with good server kit and recommended headroom on Psus
    Can you unscrew it from the case? see if theres any sticker/markings on the underneath to help us ID it maybe?
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