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I've a Toshiba C650- 18D with a Celeron 900 2.2 GHz CPU..is it possible to upgrade performance? I've upgraded the memory to 4GBs alrady which improved it slightly...open to suggestions as to what else I can do to improve performance!!
Thanks in advance
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  1. You can buy an SSD, it'll boost the speed of your laptop for sure.
  2. If your PC boots really slow and it hangs when running programs, its the hard drive. Buy an SSD. The only disadvantages of an SSD are high price for lower capacity and you will have to re-install your operating system. If you can afford a 256GB ssd go for it, the cheapest and most reliable out there is the Crucial M4 256GB. Its around $170 on newegg.com but you can get it for cheaper elsewhere...
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