Need help on an upgrade

I want an upgrade, I was looking at the I3 processor and a GTX 550 TI Nvidia card.
I'm not great with with computer so I was hoping for some advice.

My current specs:
Asus p5qpl-AM motherboard
Pentium dual core CPU E6500
Nvidia geforce 9500 GT Graphics card
466 gb Seagate SD
600W PSU

Not great huh? So I thought I'd need a new motherboard for the new Graph Card and CPU I had in mind, that's where I need suggestions. What's a good motherboard to go for for this set up?

Also, I will use my SD PSU and any other hardware I may have missed in my new build/upgrade :P

I have this gut feeling i'm missing something, Please give your thoughts suggestions and any help! Thank you!
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  1. i3-3240 is what you should buy if you are going to game with an i3. I'd recommend an i5-3570K if you want to game with much better performance.
    ^ That is the motherboard you should be looking at. The MSI Z77A-G45.

    I'd stretch my pocket and go for a GTX 560, or a GTX 560 Ti. Even better, for less than or equal to $100 you can grab the GTX 660 Ti which is a really good graphics card right now. Don't look at the GTX 550 Ti unless if your budget really limits you.
    ^ That is the type of memory you should be looking at. Some Corsair Vengeance 8GB(2 x 4GB) CMZ8GX3M2X1600C8B RAM. You will have to upgrade your RAM to this DDR3 type in case if you are wondering. The current RAM you are running should be DDR2 which is incompatible with current standards.
  2. What is your budget? You will need ram and mobo for a cpu upgrade. I would actually suggest the i3 3220.

    You don't want that ram with high heatsinks, they get in the way of most coolers.

    BTW it's hdd not sd.
  3. You have to keep in mind that someone may consider an SLI upgrade any time in the future even if they think they won't. It is good to minimize the chances of dealing with parts that can't maintain modularity. In this case, the motherboard you recommended Stavros. I never knew that RAM can interfere with bigger heatsinks k1, good call.
  4. The MSI you have posted is a perfect mobo, I just wanted to suggest a cheaper alternative seeing that I also recommend a more expensive CPU and GPU than what OP already planed to buy.
  5. Ah, I see... Hey he might have a cheaper budget we never know until he responds =]
  6. Thanks all for the support! I didn't expect such big help, I appreciate your responses and suggestions.

    My budget is about 350-400 USD...

    This will be my first time upgrading, or my first build if you will.
    As to my earlier inclination I feel like i'm forgetting something... Will I need extra fans? Also a friend suggested water cooling, Is it hard to install? expensive to buy?
  7. Can someone also suggest me the AMD equivalent to what's been mentioned already? thanks :D
  8. AMD is pretty weak on the CPU field at the moment, Bulldozers were a huge letdown and their Phenom X6 processors are not a wise buy. Only AMD CPU worth buying at the moment would be the Phenom II x4 which you can get for the price of i3 processor. It will perform a bit better in tasks where more than 2 cores are being used, while the i3 will outperform it when only 2 cores are used.
  9. You don't need extra fans/water cooling at this low end build but what case do you have? I would agree with mazq, intel is the way to go at your budget.
  10. I have an ankermann case... Idk what model.
  11. If you're using the computer for gaming, you should get an i3, for they're generally better for gaming. The phenom II x4 965 is a very similar choice, again, when it comes to gaming. You can also find some cheaper AMD mobos that are more reliable than the cheap Intel ones. Of course all the money saving in the end is so you can leave more room for the better GPU. 550ti isn't a very good choice considering the 7770 is better, and around the same price. Only computers I've seen with the 550 ti are prebuilt ones. Not saying its a bad card, just not worth the price/performance.
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