Max memory needed for GPU?

What is the most memory that I would need in a GPU for high end gaming? I see video cards with 2.5GB+... Is this needed to play games such as BF3? Do you think 2.5+ will be necessary in future games such as Crysis 3?
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  1. what monitors, what resolution, what game, what settings, what's your budget, what power supply do you have, what CPU and motherboard?

    Single 24", 1080p, BF3, ultra, 500$, Corsair 550, 3570K OC'd to 4.7, ASrock pro 4 z77....windforce 670GTX OC'd to 1300mhz

    My vram sits around 900-1.1, just matters the map and situation. This is while driving two monitors, though only the game in one. If you plan on a surround multi monitor setup, then yes, more vram will be needed.
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