Logitech z501, what sound card would i need? Cheap!

Recently bought a logitech z506 5.1 surround sound system to be used with my computer
my Motherboard (asus p8z77vlx) has 3 Audio related ports;a red/pink (sound recording), and a green and a blue, i'm guessing 2 channel audio?

I'm assuming i can't get actual 5.1 with these connectors. i'm currently using an audio in cable from the subwoofer to the green port on the motherboard so its emulated 5.1

Could i buy a cheap 4 or 6 channel sound card from ebay, and get 5.1? where would i connect the cables into? e.g. the ones below?



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  1. You should be able to use 5.1 sound from 3 jacks. Just assign a rear-speakers to red (mic) output in realtek management panel. You may need to enable jack sensing to do that.

    Switch your mic to front panel.
  2. Certainly those speakers are good for the price but, if you take into account the Built-in controller unit, the speakers and the amp your cost pr item is only about $11 (US). Your on-board sound processor won't lower the quality of the final sound

    It's also worth noting that your on-board sound processor is better than either of those two sound cards you posted a link to.

    If you want to make a meaningful improvement over on-board sound you should be prepared to spend at least $50 (or your countries equivalent) on a sound card. Of course you would then need to upgrade your speakers to take full advantage of the better sound card.

    Another-wards your current on-board sound and the logitech z506 are a good match.

    As far as how to hook them up goes, just follow the manual that comes with your speakers. Each one of those 3 connections is for 2 speakers so you have the proper connections for 5.1. :sol:
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