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Ok its Tax Season and this boy is getting a nice refund. I currently have an i3 2120 asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen 3 8gbs ddr3 1600 Corsair A50 heatsink Sapphire 6950 gpu. I have a Corsari 400r case all the new stuff will go in. We won't get into the storage as its a mute point with this thread.

I am going to get an Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 board i5 3570k cpu 16gbs of ddr3 1600 and another heatsink. I currently am eyeing the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo as I hear that is a very good HSF and cools very well overclocked cpus.

I am not totally sold on it. When I had my 775 socket machine I used a Xigmatec Dark Knight II and it worked great with my Q9550. I got that too like 3.5 and it ran real cool.

Now I am not an extreme overclocker. I just plan on getting a nice OC on the 3570k. I don't game with the machine much at all. I mainly do video encoding and transcoding with it. I did look at the i7 3770k and based on the numbers it doesn't appear that it will give me that much better performance for the 100 price tag increase.

I was reading across the net about HSF's and came up with this list

I am a loyal Newegg shopper and would prefer getting the HSF from them. Shipping to me is always 1 day as I live in AL and 99% of my stuff comes from the TN warehouse. Now I don't want to go more then 50 bucks. I know my buddies will give me a ration if I go away from the EVO but as I said I am not totally sold on it. I have seen reviews and such and its very solid heatsink. I don't want water like the Corsair units. I had an H50 and it leaked on me so am not going back to that.

So if people can give me some input on what to look at using the list I posted. I used FrostyTech's charts to get some idea of the temps of each of those compared to each other and they are all very close.
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  1. For "regular" overclocking, the 212 will be fine and cost effective.

    There's a reason it's so popular. It's an effective value.
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