Starting with Intel i5-2500k and Nvidia 560 GTX Ti SLI

Hi guys !

At first let me thank you for your time and best answers.

I want to build a new gaming machine and my old one was recently upgraded so i would like to use at least the good parts :P

What i have :

- Nvidia 560 gtx ti 1gb
- SSD OCZ sata 3 agilty 4 serie 256gb

What i plan to build :

- Nvidia SLI (another nvidia 560 gtx ti )
- Intel i5-2500k
- keep my SSD as main HDD with windows installed and games

My actual machine runs a dual core E8400 with 8gb ddr2 ram and a P5Q ASUS pro turbo motherboard and I have problems playing BF3 and Guild Wars with good graphics

So i need help to chose the best buidl (specially motherboard and RAM) and feel free to add other parts !

Thanks again,
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  1. I would be tempted to sell your GPU and go for a better single card. The 1GB vRAM might become somewhat of a bottleneck in future. With overclocking, a GTX 660Ti should beat those cards in SLI and it has 2GB of vRAM. The GTX 560Ti would cost $200 anyway and you could sell yours for ~$100. The GTX 660Ti is $300.
  2. it's kinda iffy keeping the HD the way it is going to another mobo and all. it may work. Friend did one over the weekend. booted to desktop had to play phone tag with Microsoft but it worked. machine loaded necessary drivers..... keep your fingers crossed.

    agree with the 560. adding 2 won't do anything to make BF3 more playable. you'll still be limited by the cards architecture and still only have 1gig of usable vram between the 2. not much of an upgrade.
  3. well to save some cash he can keep what he has, and just upgrade to a i5 2500k, or the 3570k if his mobo can carry it. then just upgrade gpu later.
  4. if you considerate 2 nvidia 560 gtx TI and CPU intel i5-2500K
    what woul be the best build with a motherboard and RAM quality/price?
  5. i thought 2 of us would NOT consider 2 560's a good idea.... ???? maybe I read that wrong...............
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