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Hey guys not sure whats going on with my hd 7770 by asus but it keeps crashing a lot when i play games, or somtimes even when im just surfing the web. I've read a lot of guides online (inclding some threads from this site) but none of the solutions seem to apply to me. Basically my screen will freeze ( cursor still moves) then go black then come back as if nothing happened. Somtimes Action Centre will tell me that display driver AMD has crashed and succesfully restarted (which is obvious). I already tried the basics: re-seating me graphics card, updating my graphics drivers, checking for direct x updates, monitoring the temperature etc. Nothing i can do seems to be working. My graphics card runs on its default clock settings and everything, and can be either 30 degrees to 40 degrees when it crashes, and before the crash, i am still getting a steady 30-40 frames per second, no lag whatsoever. One thing i have noticed though is that it usually crashes at more demanding parts of a game (eg lots of models and effects) but i have ruled out thats it is being overwhelmed because i still get 40 frames per second. Anybody know whats going on?

my system specs:
2700k 4.4 ghz
asus hd 7770
32gb ripjawz ram
adata 120 gb ssd
1tb hardrive
ocz xtreme certified 750w psu
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  1. I used to have the same problem with my 6950. I was so frustrated over it. It wasnt the temperature, wasnt the power supply, and wasnt anything else. One day, I decided to try everything hardware related.

    Turned out, it was my RAM.

    Now, I'm not saying your problem is the RAM as well, just try and test everything.
  2. but what are the temps like - download MSI afterburner and monitor your temps. May be as simple as modding the fan profile to give more rpm sooner.
  3. I have the exact same problem. Also before testing the RAM I went ahead and changed to my old Graphics Card and it works fine with no crashes.
  4. Also, make sure you have the right drivers. Also do as Bruce said and monitor the temps for the card.

    As for Gnomesnacks, what is the model of your old card and your new card?
  5. like i said above, my card usually runs at 30-40 degrees, and the fan is set to auto. Somtimes manually turning the fan higher just makes the card stop faster, so im pretty sure it isnt the temps. I still have the latest catalyst, althought im thinking this has to do with an insufficient power supply. Btw what do you mean by check the ram?
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