Do I need to get a bigger PSU?

I had bought my husband a Radeon 7750 card to go in his old computer and it only had a 300w. It all worked fine. He bought a new computer last night. HP Pavillion p7-1423w which runs Windows 8. It also has just a 300w psu. I've read many reviews that the Radeon HD 7750 is fine with a low power supply, but with the new computer and Windows 8, do I need to get a bigger power supply?
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  1. the 7750 hardly draws much power, you will be fine
  2. It should be ok as this card don't need aux power from a PCI-e 6pin and can't use more than 55 watt from the PCI-e port (the max TDP is 55w) and the processor in HP sheet is maximum 95watt if he pick the highest possible so that's only 150w and that leaves spare room for your hdd, fans, cd-rom and all other powered devices...
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