100% CPU after docking the laptop

i have HP Elitebook 8440p laptop....

When I use it in my docking station at home, the CPU maxes out at 100% and the machine is almost unusable. but then discovered that, if I unplugged the laptop from the dock, it works fine.

I have an identical dock at work which works fine. I also got the dock from office and tried at home.. but its same.. so looks like not a docking problem...

any other suggestions????
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  1. I have a mouse that maxes out one core with kernel operations when plugged into a certain USB port due to a strange driver issue I can't resolve.

    I would try docking with nothing but your monitor plugged into the dock and see if it still maxes the CPU. Then add USB/other devices one at a time (docking and redocking between each device) to see which is causing the issues. Then if it is a USB device, try updating USB drivers or replace the offending device.
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