9800 gx2 vs sapphire 7770 ghz edition

I currently have both. I need to sell one of them.

Bought the 9800 gx2 pny oc edition for $70

Bought a rig that comes with a sapphire 7770 ghz.

I havnt tested the 7770 yet but have the 9800 gx2 in my rig and i was really impressed.

Played nba 2k12 max settings 1080p full 60 fps!

Cons: runs a bit hot, load is about 80 c . Probably be lower once i get my 4 case fans.

The 7770 is still pretty new, the receipt says it was purchased in spring.

Im worried how the 9800 gx2 will perform on gta 4.

I need to sell one of them.please help.

Which one would be best to keep?

Games i want to play at med,high settings.

Screen i will be playing on is a 720p monitor.
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  1. Games i want to play at med or high settings, or cominationof both @ 1280 by 720 res:

    Gta 4
    Nba 2k3 when it comes out
    Fifa 12/ pes 12
    Gta 5 when it comes out

    Willing to play on atleast 30 fps

    Could the 9800 gx2 handle those games at those settings.
    The 512mb vram really scares me on the 9800 gx2.
  2. I'd sell the 9800gx2. Not worth using such an old card. the 9800gx2 should run those games but its got no support for dx11 which will mean you won't be able to run some games like bf3 and some future games.
  3. According to graphics card Hierarchy chart, 9800 gx2 is faster than HD 7770:

    Why don't you try and see how it performs? Just keep it for a week or so.
  4. Perhaps i could keep the 9800 gx2 and get a 560 ti or 550 ti in 3-6 months time.
  5. That would be a great plan (for GTX 560 Ti, as GTX 550 Ti is weaker than HD 7770).
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