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A long lasting build

I am new to this forum and thought it would be a good place to ask the following question:

My current computer is something like this :

MSI 945P Neo 3 motherboard

Intel core E6300 1.86 Ghz processor (stock cooling)

Maxxtor 200 Gb harddisk

Aopen case

Aopen 350W PSU

Aopen dvd burner

Sapphire radeon 3850 512Mb

Ram 2 Gb ??

I bought this computer in 2006 and had the company I bought it from put the 3850 in it in 2007. Now the computer always ran fine and it still does. Recently I started looking the speed of my computer and started noticing how slow it actually was compared to modern standards. I looked into it a bit an thought some mild overclocking might work but it wil not go any further than 2 Ghz otherwise it wil not turn on and I have to clear the CMOS again. It has always been a very noisy thing and the front of case case has always rattled but it just kinda took my abuse for 7 year now and still runs fine.

However I have come to the point that i think it needs replacing. I will be going to college starting next year and because im studying to become an electrical engineer i need my compuiter to be able to run lots of different software that I use to draw schematics and simulations and the like. My computer can probably handle it but it will be hard for me to run multiple programs at the same time. The final drop for me was that the intel pentium computer I am using at work is twice as fast as my own computer which kinda pissed me off. I know it's stupid but yeah...

So with all these thought I wanna replace my computer and build it myself. I have never build a computer before but because I pretty much work with delicate electronics every day it really doesn't concern me. So long story short : I want to build a new computer an want your opinion if it wil last me 4 years of studying. Money is an issue but if i need better hardware then so be it. Now here is the list i made :

Intel core i5 3570K

Gigabyte z77 x3dh

Cooler master 600W 80 plus gold PSU

Zalman z11 plus case

samsung dvd burner

corsair force gt 120 Gb SSD

western digital 1 TB HDD

MSi 7870 twinfrozr

Corsair vengeance 2 x 4 1600 Mhz

I really need to have this computer up and running before summer starts. Maybe I should wait for the radeon 8xxx series and haswell? I would like some opinions on this. For the 4 years I wil not buy anything new for it so i really want it to get me through. Mostly because i probably won't have any money because i'm pumping it into my studies. I might just get a new screen or something later but that's really it. Ofcourse Ivy Bridge is a huge step from my old core processor but I am still curious.
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