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Black screen after BSOD...replaced video/memory/HDD, no display/bios

September 18, 2012 12:36:32 AM

For the "too long won't read" people, (specs towards the bottom)
My computer has been working fine for a few years. After moving it from a 60" HDTV back to my regular monitor, i turned it on and it booted up fine. Than i got into one of my favorite games, NHL2004. Half way through i had a blue screen. It had than restarted and did another blue screen(do not ask me what the screen said i didn't catch it). I turned it off than it started giving me a black screen. After turning it on and off a few times, the computer loaded Vista. The moment i tried clicking anything the computer shut off untill i tried turning on and off untill it gave me bios. Than now it's just a permenant black screen

Things that i tried after this time(2/3 boot ups would give me the screen):
1) Got into the BIOS and tried booting off a SSD, no avail
2) Tried getting into safe mode, no avail
3) Inserted Vista Repair/install disk, it loaded THAN gave me a blue screen
4) Tried Vista repair/install again, it loaded than gave me just a bunch of >>>>>>>> on screen untill i restarted

After number 4, the computer than (and still) gives me black screen, but now the monitor will give me amber..(few seconds) green than amber.....(10 seconds or so) green.... than just stays amber

Things attempted since than
1) Airblown inside the case clean
2) Reset the BIOS/CMOS by jumper AND taking the battery out for a few minutes
3) Tried a new monitor
4) Tried new VGA cables/power cable
5) Went out and got a new video card, harddrive, and RAM
6) Put each one, one by one, no change
7) Put all 3 in together, no change
8) Checked all connections inside the case, making sure all were in the right spot.
9) Removed all cables execpt the power and display from the computer and started up, nothing.

Things i think i'ma going to try
1) Switching out individual parts into another computer
2) Throwing this crap out the window

History/Specs of computer in question
Bought two stock computers in 2005/2006. Played with that untill about 2009 when i upgraded everything execpt the hard drive

Windows Vista
Biostar A780L
Athlon II X4
DDR2 2X2GB dual channel Patriot
Video Card:
XFX GeForce 9500 (gt i believe)
Hard drive:
Seagate 250GB
Power Supply:
Cooler Master 500W
Antec, two large fans (top, top back)

LED 90mm fan,
180mm side fan
(case had slots for both)

Now that this problem arose a day ago, i have replaced a few things
After -
Replaced with new equivulent 2X2GB dual channel DDR2 ram, except brand is centon
Video Card:
GeForce 9500 -> GTX 550Ti
Hard Drive:
Seagate 250GB -> WD Caviar Green 500GB

Reminder -
1) I have no display. IT's black. I can NOT get into BIOS, see any "press any key to boot from disk" or do anything like that
2) I have checked all connections inside, removed all extra cables but display and power, and have replaced both cables.

3) I had the computer working the night before. It was on a 60" HDTV and was moved back to my regular small monitor.
4) I had ORIGNALLY been in a game i've played for years now, and was in the middle of it when i got a BSOD
5) I have every light and fan going that should be...

I have no idea what the problem is!