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Which ports would you use?


This is going to be a really stupid question for many of you but I've never used more than one monitor before.

I have an Asus VE248Q, and am about to buy another one tonight, with plans on buying a third one early next year. These monitors are being plugged into a MSI R7850 PE.

My question is which ports would you use for the 2x monitor setup AND the 3x monitor setup (when I get the third). Please include which accessories I'll need to buy to make it work.

Thank you.
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  1. you could use the DVI plus the two Mini Display Ports
  2. the DVI and the Mini Display ports.

    you might need adapters to convert to D-Sub
  3. Why would you ever covert to dsub on a monitor with display port? And the monitor doesn't have a DVI connection according to the specs.

    I don't really get the question though. You only have 4 port choices, and they are all pretty much identical for 1080p. if the monitor specs are right you only have one choice, hdmi and display port.
  4. I guess the DVI or HDMI was throwing me off. But I guess it would be stupid to convert the VGA to DVI.

    For 2 monitors setup I should just use 2x DP?

    Is there certain DP -> Mini-DP cables I should buy? This good? Or should I get something else? 10ft Mini-DP to DP cable
  5. I have a feeling you might need an "active" displayport cable. I've just heard this through the grapevine kind of thing you know?
  6. I think I'd need an active display port cable if I convert VGA to DVI. And I am willing to buy one if DVI is better than HDMI?
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    Friend, all ports on you graphics card have the same video quality. So it doesnt matter what you choose, you will get awesome picture quality in your monitor.

    DVI simply carries only video signal, first to be invented
    HDMI carries both video and audio signal. It can be used for only video.
    Displayport carries both video, audio and can also carry data, such as music/movies

    Anyways, displayport is sort of a new conection to be used in computers and conect notebooks to pass video or share data, sort of a multi-functionality port. Because its small, a single graphics card can have multiple display ports on its backplate. Thats why you see several display ports and only one DVI, because of the physical size of the conector.

    Regardless, all 3 conectors have the same picture quality.
  8. Thank you leandro.

    so I will use the 2x mini display ports, and then the HDMI when I get my third monitor.

    Does it matter which DP -> Mini-DP cable I get? Is this good enough? 10ft Mini-DP to DP cable
  9. Leandro, even I found that answer very interesting and it explains the situation perfectly. Can somebody give this guy a medal :)
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