Could a Graphic's Card be too Short?

I bought a 9 inch long graphics card a few weeks ago. It didn't fit by half a centimeter because I didn't think too much about size. Now I'm planning to buy a graphics card that is around 2 inches shorter. Am I making another mistake or do I have the right idea? I'll post the links to the graphics cards if it helps.
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  1. Nop, the graphics card can't be too short :).
  2. the shorter the better generally.
  3. Thanks for the help, but I've got another question actually. Are there different plugs for a graphics card on the motherboard or is it mostly universal?
  4. There are three types: PCI, AGP and PCI express. PCI ruled until 1996, AGP ruled until 2004, and all the computers since then use PCI express.
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